Is he really breaking me up because of my behaviour or what?

Dear all,
I wanna share my story in a hope that it will reduce my emotional baggage. So i broke up with my LDR boyfriend 3 weeks ago. It is still fresh and i still feel broken and devastated.
Prior to the breakup, like 1 hour before it happened we had a video call and we joked around. He broke up with me after i said something like "babe. Reply my text when you are online here, because i see you active in messenger but you dont wanna text me back. Next time, reply me when you are here or ill kill you". Then suddenly he became angry and said rude things like "fuck off. I will fucking kill you, bitch!". I was so hurtful. After that he hang up the video call. I tried to reach him but he didn't wanna answer, instead he texted me to fuck off many times and to leave him.

He is from a country where his parents are arranging a marriage for him. He said that he will not marry me in the end because of his culture. I tried to understand that and i asked him to stay with me until his time comes. During our relationship, we already met twice in which I was always the one who paid a visit because he did not have much money to visit me and i am the one who is working already (he is 6 years younger than me). He also made many mistakes many times and i always forgave him. For example, he once tried to talk to girls in a dating site and i caught him red handed.. he cried and apologized... i wanted to leave him at that time but no... i forgave him.

Every time we picked fights he always called me names or getting angry and said rude things. Saying fuck you was a common thing. It made me really sad and whenever i told him that he made me upset he seemed like he didn't care enough.

I know he is still a young man who is at a time where he wants to be free and enjoy life. But i do believe that even though he wanted to end the relationship he should have done it in a good way (not suddenly shutting me down just because i said something like i will kill you which was never serious).
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Sorry guys, i am actually 30 and he is 23...24 this December. He said that the reason he wants to go is because of his parents who always ask him to cut me off (they knew im from another country and im also a muslim and he is a buddhist). But if thats the reason, why did he cut me off so easily after i just said something not in a serious manner? I won't kill anyone, ofc! Am i mad! In fact, before the break up, we were joking and laughing all out. So i dont know why he can just ditch me easily!
Is he really breaking me up because of my behaviour or what?
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