Ex-Boyfriend's Friends?

My question is how do I react when I run into my Ex-boyfriends' friends? Especially when he was the one who dumped me, I cried like a baby when he did and I know that he discusses everything with his friends. I feel so low and ashamed even though I did nothing wrong. He wants to fool around to grow before he settles down. That's what he said. A couple of his friends work where close to where I work and I honestly do not know what to do or say if I run into them.


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  • Well you don't really have to say anything to them, unless you are looking to maintain a relationship with them as friends. In which case just be yourself. I mean you were hurt and your feelings came out, so what someone always gets sad when they break up. I say you have nothing to be ashamed of and should act as such.

    To put it bluntly "sh*t happens, you live, learn and move on" we all have moments we aren't too proud of, its how you recover and learn from those moments is what defines who you are.

    Hope I was helpful, just hit me up if you need more feedback k. good luck and take care.


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  • He doesn't exist in your life any more.

    Treat him like that.

    You don't need to say anything to them about him or your prior relationship. It's none of their business.

    Set boundaries. Then don't _you_ cross them or let others step over them.

    • Thx, but I did not understand the last sentence :)

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  • My ex recently did the same to me, and I was crushed. I felt insecure bumping into his friends because I thought maybe they would treat me like he did in the end-Not at all! I smile and say hello to his friends, and we have a conversation if it's warranted. I try and remind myself that whether they are my friends or his, most friends don't want to get stuck in the middle, and if they see that you aren't trying to make them choose sides, they will have more respect for you in the long run, friends or not.

    I DONT bring him up to them because I don't want him/them to think I'm trying to "get to him" or bad mouth him. Keep it light and polite so they can see what a good person you are. And then if your ex complains about you to them they will know better :).

    • That's the thing, 'm not really friends with them. Gidn't get a chance to anyhow.

    • Doesn't matter- you know them at least as acquaintances and that actually makes it easier because you are less responsible to them than if you were actual close friends. Just smile and say hello when you pass each other, and ask how they are doing. That's plenty enough and you will all feel more comfortable around each other.

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