How to get over your ex?

Okay soo.. I've had a pretty bad past with this whole dating thing and it really makes me feel worthless when i think about it much. But there was this girl who i really had a connection with and she took almost everything from me and left when she got the chance to be with a guy who was better than me in terms of looks. I wished her well and tried to move on with my life, but the thought of her keeps on annoying me way too much and i just can't focus on anything much now. I seriously need a way to get over her and get my life back together because its starting to fall apart pretty badly.


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  • Can you not make amends?

    • I dont really think i can at this point. She has now pictured me as a complete stranger and just wants me to let it go..

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    • At this point I've tried it 3 times i dont really think it'll help at all if i keep on trying..

    • Take a breath, and use this pain and space, to grow.

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  • Do whatever makes you happy and take a few risks you'll be ok♥️


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