Didn’t want to rekindle after I broke up with him. Said he’s struggling right now?

I broke up with my ex because I was just getting stressed out. Almost two weeks later I realized I made a mistake and wanted to rekindle things. I went over to speak to him and we talked for about an hr. Mid sentence he cuts me off saying he had done me a disservice by allowing me to come over and that he’s happy now and he’s mentally moved on. I said okay, grabbed by keys, then left.

20 min later he messaged me. He was apologizing saying it’s just hard being broken up with and he was in the mindset of moving on so it’s hard to revert back. I don’t respond. I get another lengthy message 30 min later. This time saying how we have a lot of issues that he doesn’t we’ll get over and breaking up was really hard for him and he wanted to stay but couldn’t. I don’t respond to that either. I get a third message saying how the stress and breaking up really f*cked with his head and made him physically worn down. Again, I don’t respond. So three messages that night. The next day I get another message. I respond and say I love him and we need better tools to communicate. He responded to that message saying we'll continue to struggle to communicate. I don’t respond to that either. Later that evening I get another messsge. Again, I don’t respond. He wasn’t talking about fixing things so I just assumed his messages were breadcrumbs. A week later he sent me message saying this was hard for him. I replied back it’s hard for me too. We haven't talked since.

He’s been looking at my social media non stop. I posted a birthday post for my best friend’s birthday and he was the first one to like it.

My best friend who has built pretty good rapport with him believes that we're both doing the same thing and we're acting stupid playing silly games. I don't really agree. It just seems like we're two exes who still love each other and that's it.


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  • Either leave him or join him but don't confuse yourself. If u leaving make new friends with whom u can talk, chat to divert your mind. Babez


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  • Right now talking and not talking to each other is causing you both hurt. It is best to go separate ways coz both of you do not know what you want for the relationship.

    • It doesn't seem like he knows what he want's despite him saying he's moved on?

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    • We had been arguing a lot lately and the last argument I just called it off.

    • Ya if the relationship is doing more bad than good, it is best to take a break... friendship is not an option.

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