Best way to get a guy who doesn't want a girlfriend interested in you?

so this guy and i had been seeing each other for about a month although i knew he didn't want a girlfriend or anything serious. we decided to keep it friendly recently, but the other day at a party he came up to me to say hi and offered to give me his coat when i said i was cold. he also asked my friends where i was when he couldn't find me. i want to be more than friends with him, is there anything i can do?
  • ignore him
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  • run into him casually looking super good
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  • nothing you can do about it.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Tough question, you guys just friends? Friends with benefits? On a scale of guy good looking 1 to 10 what's he? Because at my work we've got a guy whose a 10 and oh my fucking god his phone won't shut the fuck up, it's actually really really disturbing. he's sickeningly wholesome, donates blood at the children's hospital, volunteers his meagre spare time putting on sausage sizzles on Sundays for local charities, all that shit has a light tan and white bright sparklinlgy perfect friendly smile and is on the fast track in house training program for promotion. And yeah this guy seriously won't be looking for a girlfriend like into his thirties.


Most Helpful Girl

  • The truth is that you can't do anything about it

    • then why did he come up to me at the party and stuff? is he still intersted or was he just being friendly?

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    • then in what way?

    • Just sexual stuff or flirting/ kissing

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What Guys Said 2

  • you can't make anybody want something, they have to develop the desire on their own.

    • so was he just being friendly at the party?

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    • I want a romantic relationship with him

    • you should tell him that, don't waste your, or his time being disingenuous, a lot of guys do this, and it blows up in our face, and/or leaves us feeling frustrated.

  • Comunicate with him

    • is there any chance he's still interested?

    • The only way to find out is either make a suddle move to words him or just sit down with him and be honest about how you feel and ask him how he feels and If he is still intrested. Honesty is key. Be confident

What Girls Said 1

  • You can't do anything


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