My ex girlfriend teased me and play fought me?

So my ex girlfriend broke up with me like 5 months ago. Sadly, we're in the same social circle kind of thing. Anyways, I was heart broken and didn't chase her. Don't want to fight for someone to stay in my life. She played quite a bit of games to be honest. Everyone of my friend saw her play the games and assumed she wanted me to chase her.

So after a while, I met a new girl. Strictly a friend. We started getting quite close and became good friends. Whenever my ex would see her, she would give her the dirtiest looks. Make her feel uncomfortable and stuff.

One night randomly, she liked an instagram post then, the following week, got a facetime video call from her. Rang twice then hung up. I didn't respond to anything. Right after, I blocked her on all social media. She got really upset.

Lately, her attitude has mellowed down and started being nice to my friend.

Last week at the gym, I partnered with one of her close guy friends. He said a lot of good things about me. THen this week, she playfully teased me saying I was a bad partner to her friend and tried to play fight me.

What are your thoughts about this?


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  • Hard to tell... she might be into you or maybe being evil... maybe she was expecting you to fight for her but you decided to move on instead... sometimes it’s not easy to figure out some girls cuz they play some stupid games.


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