First time you got your heart broken?

I'm 17 and the first boyfriend and I really was in love with broke up with me a few days ago. We only dated for 2 months, but I was infatuated with him, all of him; his personality, his confidence, his jokes, his laugh, his smile, his hair, his swagger, his body. I lost my virginity to him. We had sex the day he asked me out and I almost wish we hadn't. But I don't regret it. I wanted to. And it was a good experience. I miss him and I think a part of me will love him forever, even though he broke my heart and is over me already. I just know this has been extremely hard for me and is going to take a very long time to stop being sad about... what was your experience with getting your heart broken for the first time? And did you ever get over it?


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  • I recently had things end with a guy after a year and a half and he broke my heart I say a part of me still loves him even tho he didn't love me it's hard. You just have to go day by day and focus on yourself and try not to think of him. Know that it's okay to cry that will help you and just don't contact him begging to get back together and stuff.

  • Last night my heart was shattered into a million pieces

  • I'm still dealing with it.


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