Bros before (girls)?

the best friend of the guy i like is head over heels for me. however he does know that i have feelings for his bestfriend. at the beginning when he started talking to me i talked to him in a friendly way and also looking forward for him to help me with his best friend. however he catch feelings for me and started telling everyone we were a thing... also his best friend (he's bff know that i like him and not his friend) but now he thinks i have something w his best friend... before all of this happened i used to have a thing w the guy i like but he stopped talking to me for no reason and here is where he's best friend comes and starts talking to me. not gonna lie i did flirt with him a little because i though it was game and i never thought he was gonna catch feelings, but he did and now i don't know what to do because i do want him i want his friend the guy i had a thing with :/


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  • If I were you, move on from all of them. And next time learn to not flirt with others if you don't like them. Seriously now what were you thinking?

  • Yes I love the guy code bros before hoes lol


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