Will my ex boyfriend ever talk to me again?

Not cheating or violence was involved.
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The break up was my fault but involved no cheating or violence. My ex is 36 and I am 39, he broke up with me 8 months ago. I still love him and I’ve tried desperately to move on but he was the one. Recently he found me on a dating site and keeps looking at my profile. My gut tells me he misses me but is hesitant to contact me because of how things ended. I don’t get what he wants as I emailed him a few months ago for the remainder of my belongings he didn’t reply. I’m blocked on everything!!
I’m 39 not 39!!!


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you blocked him... He may think you still hate him... Try messaging him on the site? Unblock him definitely... It will indicate the communication gates are open.

    • He blocked me otherwise I would unblock him of course

    • Fuck it. You love him right? Take a chance. Unblock him, reach out. Maybe all it takes is for someone to have the courage to concede their pride x If you fail, at least you can say you tried :) As they say... It's better to have loved and lost x

Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe he will. Maybe he won't. I can't really answer ur question because u didn't provide much detail. Sorry

    • It sounds like your gut is right. You probably made him feel you moved on by the reminder.

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    • @digdoug713 😃😃👍🏼👍🏼

    • Thanks for mho

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What Guys Said 2

  • It depends on what happened.

  • Why do you want to get back with your ex?

    • Because I still love him and he was amazing to me.

What Girls Said 2

  • Hard to tell from just this. Sounds like he’s at least curious. Talk to him on the dating site

  • He might talk


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