How do you tell someone you love, you need to move on?

I've know this one significant person for about a year now, we are not dating however act like we are. We used to spend everyday together, we are very comfortable with each other and share everything with each other. I feel so comfortable around him and he used to call me babe, tells me "I love you" but lately this pass few weeks, everything has changed into a total opposite. He's been really busy with work, there are weeks where we don't even communicate. When we do hang out once in a while it does not feel the same the feeling is not the same anymore. There is no doubt I love him but I feel like he isn't trying anymore and I'm the only one trying. How do I break it down to him that I'm the only one trying and I can't do this anymore. I'm hurting really bad, I've cried everyday and I deserve better


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  • Biggest Advice! You say you love him then if he is at work, it doesn't have to bother you he needs to grow just like you at work. Support him and he will adjust send him a text. ' Hey babe I am free on ****day'. This way he will find the time and he will tell you exactly the time and place. See each other and talk about things. If both of you are in the same pace in the relationship there is no reason to separate. Seems OK?

    • The biggest thing is communication. I've been so supportive of his work mainly so because I understand, we play a similar role when it comes to work as part of management so the hours and times are longer then expected. However it is just not fair when one doesn't communicate at all you know? I just feel like he only talks to me when he feels like it

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  • I know this feeling as I'm going through it too well sort of. If someone hurts you it's best to move on and forget them unless he's doing it by accident cause if they do it on purpose they'll keep doing it

    • I guess my questions is how do I move on? How do I tell him I'm no longer trying on my own

    • Just say something like I feel I'm the only one putting effort in and I can't do it anymore if you don't like me or wanna be friends anymore just say

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  • All couples have their slumps. So many married couples will tell you about this period or two in their long marriage where everything seemed pointless. But if you really care about him and you want to make it work, you'll find a way to persevere and to understand what is going on with him.

    If you already tried to work it out, well then, by all means, move on. It just sounds like from the little bit you have told me, that your man is stressed out by his work or maybe completely drained by it. Try to see things from his perspective. And then imagine what would happen if you just up and left him out of the blue when he is at this low point. I know if it were me, I would feel crushed, especially if my woman didn't even ask me what I was going through as if it was all /my/ fault.

    But hey, we don't know the whole story. If he is treating you badly out of nowhere, I would still consider that maybe it has nothing to do with you and maybe it would be more helpful to be supportive and find out.

    So many women claim that we shouldn't be therapists to our partners, but really, we are the ones who should know each other, care about each other, support each other. That is what love is all about. Love isn't selfish, it is sacrificing and when your partner is going through hell, abandoning them is like abandoning yourself because your hearts are connected.

    Maybe I am a romantic, but I know that I would want a partner who fights for me, who is my champion, and I would do the same for them when they need a rock to stand on.

  • Have some more empathy or understanding. Everyone's heard it but you need space in a relationship. Constantly trying to be invested 100% is exhausting especially if you work and have hobbies. If you love him and he loves you, you'll make it work. You compromise and you agree on needs and wants. Everyone wants a relationship that is 110% 25/8 but the reality is life isn't all about your significant other. Talk to him about how you feel and how to time you want and how much time you time. Contemplate it with yourself as well

  • He isn't trying its better to move on


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