My ex has a new girlfriend but still contacts me? PLEASE HELP?

Long story short I'm preggers and we'd been together best part of a year he's 23 and im 20. Major freaked out when I told him I was pregnant he's now with a 17 year old who he got with same week we broke (because he wanted an abortion) he's now got her splashed ALL over social media when he never did that with me😨 (He's usually a private kinda guy) His family are shocked and embarrassed and still keep in contact he met me 2 weeks ago and told me he made a mistake and wanted me and baby he always asks about scans etc but 'needed time' to break up with other girl which I bailed I ain't competing with another girl especially while pregnant and she's fully aware I'm pregnant. Anyway his fam invited me over to the family home because they miss me and I didn't go but he's also said 'it'd be good if you came over so we can talk im only out to get you back and I want this a lot' blah blah..

why does he still speak to me while with her? 9/10 he asks about the baby which I willingly give him updates and then from that goes on to 'us' while in a relationship? Inviting me to the family home to spend time with his family? He's also bought this girl
underwear, flowers etc and is with her 24/7 I've been told😒

WHAT IS HE THINKING? He lasts 2 weeks max then pops up by email or gets his mum to contact me to contact him😴 Please help guys? What is this guy thinking? Is she a rebound? Does this mean he really likes her because he's buying her things and showing her off on social media? I do still very much love him
but I won't be second best or wait around for nobody. Me and my baby deserve better than this.. will he ever change his mind? And realise it's us he does want or is that it completely done? I ignored his last email about going to his fam home and stay in contact with rest of his family. We broke up in Aug this year.
My ex has a new girlfriend but still contacts me? PLEASE HELP?
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