Has she moved on? Girls' advice and point of view needed.. Guys are welcome to contribute too..

I just broke up with my girlfriend of 3years and 2months 2weeks ago. She initiated this break up. We are currently experiencing Long-Distance Relationship right now but she's back in the country during her summer break till late September. I've been apart with her for 9months and will face the same problem come late September. She cites the reason of the breakup as the feeling of our relationship is different and sometimes, she's just doing things out of obligation and she doesn't feel particularly happy when out with me. Furthermore, she said that she feels things are not right between us, which I assumed to be the different feeling of our relationship. She said that our relationship had just died off. But when I said goodbye to her, she told me she'll miss me.. We broke up on quite friendly terms. Can a relationship just die off just like that? It's really had for me to accept it. Any advice? I asked around and was thinking maybe she saw no future in us. How to make her see a future again? She had been contacting me be it on IM or sms every 3days or so since we broke up. What does this mean? She seemed quite happy and moved on over her blog does this mean she had moved on? Does girls move on that fast? I just met her for lunch last friday.. We seem to have quite a normal 1hour together. walked v close to each other with our arms brushing against each other frequently..I don't know.. She seemed.. Normal and okay.. I tried brushing her fringe in front of her and she winced a little and I hesitated before withdrawing my hand, but not before brushing her fringe but she gave me a smile after that.. oh. at the end, she remembered she still got a book with me then she said, 'like that I have no choice but to meet you one more time to get my book back' in a quite lazy and little reluctant tone. I told her that I can post it but she said 'never mind. I'll meet you one more time to get

my book back'. don't know whether it's due to post-lunch laziness or what... Please give me advice.. I really want to get her back but I don't know what to do or what is she thinking..

I dunno.. I swear I'm driven crazy by her. She's showing me this hot and cold attitude!

Like just now I coincidentally bumped into her with her girlfriend. She smiled and wave at me then I smiled back. But then, she texted me one word 'hello.'
I mean. Normal friends will not text a hello right after they acknowledge their presence when met up coincidentally right? Then when I talked to her through IM just now, she gave me a cold tone and replied me slowly.
Then she said she's busy and talk to me later. But on facebook, my wall showed she posted an edited photo of her girlfriend up and the caption put 'because she got nothing better to do'. I really don't know what she wants.. Which is driving me crazy..
Any ideas? zzzz
Girls, any comments on what she may mean? I would like opinions from both genders...
okay she's suddenly very cold to me for some reason..Any idea why? she was talking to me quite fine afternoon.. then ytd night I posted on it alr and today I tried to talk to her all she gave was one word answer.. I need heartfelt answers please...


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  • Whatever her reasons to want out...you must accept it and deal with it. There are BILLIONS of reasons to why someone would want out of a relationship. Many times the person who gets dumped won't understand it but that's life.

    Hold up...you said you want her back...ok... but you said she 'doesnt feel happy', 'the relationship died off', 'did things out of obligation' and 'things don't feel right'... so YOU want to be with a girl who CLEARLY doesn't want to be with you?!?!?!?! I know heart break sucks but at the same time you gotta have some dignity. Her interest level in you dropped...A LOT! A women's interest level in a guy is extremely important. You shouldn't want to be with a girl who doesn't want to date you. Either she wants you or she doesnt. If she doesnt...then move on bro. I'm sorry to say that.

    What your ex is doing is a classic move. She doesn't want to come off as the bad guy so that's why she is still talking to you and making YOU think that things could go back to being normal. When in reality that's not the case. She can't have her cake and eat it too dude. Its not fair to you that you miss her and still want to be with her but yet she doesnt. She could be lost and confused. If so, then give her some space so she can figure out what she wants. And one more thing, she still cares about you bro...3 years is a long time. She might still love you. But to think that she is completely over you and she moved on wouldn't be a smart idea. They always come back. Take care!

  • It's over; it's time to move on. She probably did see that there is no "future" with this relationship. Let's just say she's cashing in this low yield bond and moving on to something that will earn more. Stop being in denial. Cut your losses, and find a new girl.


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