Do I owe him an explanation for cutting him off?

My ex boyfriend made me more miserable than he did happy.

At first, he was nice and lovely and once I got comfortable he became an absolute nightmare, he had a really bad temper and serious anger issues over things he didn’t need to get angry about. Everything was always my fault.

He trashed his room and started arguing, demanding we help him look (we did, but apparently not hard enough) for £10 and accusing me and his roommates of stealing money - which by the way, was in his pocket the entire time. Not even an apology just “I’m going to bookies, don’t want to see any of your faces”.

He would steal cigarettes and money from me but forbids me from playing on his xbox and asks a minute later to lend him money to get coke, weed, LSD... you name it. I refused and he would kick off “oh I’ve worked 8 hours today I need a sesh” to which I replied “poor you, working 12 hours per week in a pub whilst I’ve just finished doing 50 hours in a care home” and he’ll kick off, starts saying he earns more money per hour so by that logic he works harder than me. Which again, led to arguing.

I had a game on his xbox, his roommate told him I got him a platinum achievement on it... he hit me and shouted at me for ‘disobeying’ him. He had a go at me for having to sell his xbox for money to get drugs because I wouldn’t give him money.

He was insufferable, completely insensitive. I hung around for a bit but in my mind, I was already gone.

I blocked him on everything, no explanation because if I had said, he would probably hit me again or argued. I had enough, I just didn’t care but people tell me I should have shown him some respect by telling him why I’m cutting him off. He doesn’t deserve respect, he never showed me any.
Do I owe him an explanation for cutting him off?
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