What to do with a guy who is not over his ex?

So here is a thing. I used to have a friend (not a very close one though at that time). Things with his girlfriend went from bad to worse while we were getting to know each other better. So one thing to another, he broke up with his girlfriend and started dating me. Now he is saying that he steel feels that he is not over his ex, and while he absolutely doesn't want get back with her, he doesn't feel ready for a new girlfriend, and though he likes me really a lot, he doesn't feel that it is fair to me, to have other girls but me on his mind. I really feel I can cure his heart and we have really good potential together, and I think he feels quite the same although still has his ex in the back of his head. So I was wondering, what would be the best in this situation, just letting him go or on the contrary trying to distract him from all the drama with attention from my side. If someone had such experience, please let me know how it worked out!


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  • that's very nice of you to want to cure him from his ex. But whatever the case may be... most girls are cautious and don't want to be with a guy who is not thinking of them and may use them to just get over their ex-g. Now for you... you should consider the fact that if you are with him and he may be just using you to get over his ex... and he loves his ex more than you... then you shouldn't want to be with him... that's how I would feel. When I was first with my bf... and he kept on talking about his ex for 7 years ago... I almost dropped him... but he said he was sorry and he only did it because I was talking about my exes... because girls will get jealous that the guy loves the other girl more than them... then girls will want to drop the guy... that is my opinion on most girls... but I guess you are not most girls and your situation is different from mine. But hope it works out between you guys. Just tell him that you love him and you think that... it will take time to get over his ex but you are there for him if he wants... good luck


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