After my ex, is she taking things TOO fast? Please Help .

Hello all, thank you for your time and responses.

To make a long story short: I was on again, off again with my ex for about a year and a half. Last time we were "together" was about a month and a half ago. She was the first girl that I ever really fell in LOVE with. The thing was, it was just bad timing. She was too early into her college years and focusing on her career (which is a general excuse that really means "I wanna have fun w/out the consequences"), but I got it and understood it so we went our separate ways. We still keep in touch and care about each other, and the chance of being together again may be real, but for now its def not and I have to cont. seeing other people because that is what she is doing and I can't wait for her.

Now, the problem is that not long after we "split", this other girl comes into my life. Technically speaking she has all the qualities I would want but I don't FEEL that feeling for her like I did with my ex. The bad part for me is this...I met her on a Friday and by Monday she was coming by work to bring me food. She makes a huge effort to reach out to me and be nice so what am I to do? Tell her to turn around the other way and be an asshole with her? Even the FIRST day of meeting her, she told her best friend (who is mutual friend of mine as well) that if she were to hang out with me and like me, and I was interested in more than just a fling, she'd dump her current boyfriend for ME. That seemed a little too fast and excessive for me. But I haven't turned her away because maybe its just that I need time to get over my ex more and focus y attention on her? I'm feeling a little pressured here. What would you all do? Thanks again :)


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  • You had me going until you said "she'd dump her current boyfriend for ME'" lol. Its not right to mess with a girl who has a boyfriend. She shouldn't be hanging out with you 'like that' since she ain't single. You shouldn't cut things off completely BUT you should tell her to calm things down. If that girl didn't have a should have BEEN ALL OVER IT...whether or not you were over your ex. But lol she ain't single so forget it.

    Your doing a good job by moving on with your life and not waiting for some girl. There's nothing else you could do. Keep it up. Take care!


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