If for some reason I ever hear from my ex?

I posted a question awhile back about my ex leaving me after three years. She left me after she got very physically attractive, got new party girl friends and had no use for me anymore. She wanted to "see what else is out there" and she "doesn't like fat guys" (I'm not fat, I have a chubby stomach). Anyways, It's been nearly a year since we've broken up and I'm wondering if she will ever try and contact me again. If she does- I'd really love to just tell her off and be done with it. Ladies, am I wasting my time thinking I'll ever hear from her? Is telling her off a good idea? What should I do if I do ever hear from her again.


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  • They always come back buddy. Always! But I wouldn't waste your time thinking about when that time will come. Don't put too much focus on telling her off when she does call you. Ignoring her speaks louder than any words you could utter out of your mouth. Take care!

    • Very very true. I just wanted her to know how bad she hurt me.

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  • Ladies, am I wasting my time thinking I'll ever hear from her? Yes I think you are wasting your time...if she could do that to you can act like she has "no use" for you anymore then obviously its not gonna work out and you deserve better than that...someone who sees the good amazing qualities in you. You should try finding some 1 else who can appreciate you and you can appreciate this new girl too. :)

    Is telling her off a good idea? Yes don't tell her off...if you want revenge just be happy and go on and act like "you don't care"...that will really annoy her. If you tell her off she will think you care a lot and it upset you and you don't want her having any of that. And it doesn't make you look good either.

    What should I do if I do ever hear from her again. Just be OK with her Hi Bye..situation. Becuz it seems like she may hurt you again if you guys get in too deep.

    • We don't live anywhere near each other, it would be via text or email. I have a weird intuition, and whenever I feel stuff like this is going to happen- it does. So if she texts or emails, what do I do?

    • You should juss keep it to minimum hi how are you I'm gud thnxx etc..no details juss b very breif. If you want her interested in you then she will b curious...but I think you should move on because she isn't worth ure time if she acts tht way with u. I know ure upset/angry and you want to give her a piece of ure mind but it won't really help ...its not gna make a difference..YOU should be the bigger person here and...move on without her and keep it decent. You want to seem like the nice 1

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  • She's not worth your thoughts, man. Grow a pair and forget her.

    Harsh, but I'm just being honest here, buddy.

    • Grow a pair? Go f*** yourself buddy. I've got a pair, I just want to know what to do if she contacts me again, not listen to sh*t from you about it.

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    • Someone call a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance and get this man a burger and french cries.

      I've wasted enough time with you. Have a less sh*tty life.

    • Hurt schoolgirl? So I should just hide it all and let it eat away at me inside? Not show my feelings? Alright buddy, take your big words and go play your hientai video games somewhere else. I guess I should be all hard like you and pretend like nothing ever bothers or hurts me.

  • Its not looking like she will if she hasn't after a year so don't hold your breath for any contact, your probs better off if she doesn't anyway!

  • You can't live your life looking for revenge though. You have to be mature about it and not let it bring you down. You may say you're not doing it to get revenge, but you do want her to feel bad about what she did. Don't dwell on it and live your life and be the happiest you can be. Even if she did hurt you (and honestly I do remember your question perfectly, I was a bit shocked when I realized it), she'll go on and so will you. Just focus on your future and should the opportunity present itself then go ahead and bitch her out all you want. If it doesn't come you can't regret that you never had that opportunity. You can never get ahead in life if you're always trying to get even.


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