What would he do If the girlfriend or wife seems unhappy in the relationship and starts to distant herself from him who wants to fix the relationship?

would he try to get more attention? How would a guy try to get more attention, what things would he do?
  • He would say something
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  • He would do anything for attention
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What Guys Said 1

  • He would ask the girl what she wants him to do. Be her servant and let her command him. Be a servant for her in bed in everywhere

    • So far he hasn’t said anything but he does treat her good. In bed and not in bed he puts her first.

    • Some days seems strange as if he’s just asking for attention. Example kept saying he won the spider solitary computer game...

    • Then i think you should let him know the reason why you are not happy. Only by talking to each other you all cn fix this

What Girls Said 2

  • I think it is better for him to have a talk first. If it doesn’t work out he should leave this one sided relationship

  • He would talk to her


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