Sex and love going crazy?

I have been seeing this guy for 6 months on and off but was not in relationship we both carry strong feeling never admit it i never allow sex to happen. I disappear and sometimes he contact me every time we meet we talk for hours and hours and never get bored from each other and we are very emotional. recently he invited me to party he was acting like a friend and he was talking to a girl and I felt so jealous but never show it few hours later we went to another party the same girl was there I couldn't enter and left immediately he followed me to ask me what's wrong i was honest and told him that I'm jealous he said we are not together how come! conversation went to be fun and funny and so crazy I told him I want a relationship and a loyal person in my life and I told him I'm seeing another one and I'm confused between him and the other guy.. he told me let's go to his place he didn't even say bye to friends we went to his place and we had an amazing time it was so fun and sarcastic we had sex for the first time it was so nice and we toke shower for more than one hour hugging I went home on their way he was laughing about every single things I said last night and called me jealous.. I was so happy but afraid of the next will sex make him more attached and possessive to me..


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  • hi, i beg to differ, i would suggest you are now in a state of what will happen, will he go forth with what you thought you wanted and spoke out about or will he run? unless I've missed something when you finally told him how you felt you then had sex but he never really said much to you? Be careful what you wish for as they say? xx

    • What shall I do! Do u have any advice!

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    • I was thinking to walk away and see what's in his head.. that's what I think is right.. I hope he get more attached since he told me I saw different face of that I wasn't expecting

    • Though I don't want to appear vulnerable..

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