Ex girlfriend started talking to me again?

My ex broke up with me about 5 months ago. She really anticipated me to chase and it was quite obvious to me and coworkers. So yeah, we do see each other on a weekly basis as we work together

Anyways though, she played games which bothered me a bit but I brushed it off.

In addition to that, I just started being good friends with this girl at work as well and she makes her feel very uncomfortable and stares whenever we talk.

Last week, I was at a seminar and I ended up partnering up with her best friend who is a guy. He said a lot of good things about me.

This week, I see her and she teased me that I was a bad partner at that seminar. In return, I teased her back.

Last night, she made small talk with me and constantly stared.

This morning was the first time we've ever had a conversation. She heard I got a promotion, congratulated me as she was walking away, and there will be a work party. But she came back when I teased her about she shouldn't go because I didn't want her to get drunk and take advantage of me. Then she walked away smiling saying "one day, you'll grow up"

I responded with "eventually"



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  • Nothing there

  • Remind her of what she's missing


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