Been depressed for awhile, might need some help bad?

as the title says, been pretty depressed for a while now, can't seem to get out of the funk, especially after my ex hurt me bad. any suggestions? really feel low, and not in a good place mentally, please try to help, don't really have anybody to talk to about this, feeling pretty alone right now

*also, I can barely get out of bed, and been having bad thoughts, just need some help please


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  • You need to get some counselling <3 . Try 7cupsoftea. com as a start but if you possibly can you should see a doctor


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  • You seem in need to level up your testosterone level.
    So my prescribed medicine would be one word with three letters: GYM


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  • I feel depress all of the time. I take meds for it to cope. You should really talk to a doctor about this and get on meds to cope. There is no telling how long your depression will last. My is every other day.

    • when did you start taking meds? do you believe it really helps you, and do you think talking to a suicide hotline is smart to do?

  • Therapy helps


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