Part two to my first question?

The thing is you guys, every time we fight he says he doesn't love me and is leaving but when we make up within a few days or a week he says he didn't mean any of what he says and he loves how I fight for him and he never has left me even after he says he will.
I mean yes I know I was a total bitch and I shouldn't have treated him that way especially after he just gave me a new HP laptop. He knows that I get upset and always end up fighting for him which he likes but how can I end this fight and makeup with him? I really want to make it up to him because I was in the wrong and a total bitch that night. Not that it's an excuse but I was totally PMS when I was in that mood.


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  • Don't think that he doesn't love you. He loves you that's why he apologize for his words. In our low mood we all feel bad and find someone else mistakes so don't take seriously those words. Be truly honest and let him know that you understand him. That's all I can explain

    • I asked him if he still loves me and he shouted NO I don't love you!

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    • Then I guess that he just want your friendship or maybe he says that in low mood.

    • Has he ever said that he doesn't love in when he was calm, happy, relaxed or he says this only in anger

  • If you want to make it up to him say sorry and cook him dinner or buy him something he likes. If he drinks buy him some wine or beer. Their is other stuff you can do like give him a back massage, etc. When you feel mad and about to fight with him just try to walk away and cool off. Some people cool off by listening to music, running, jogging, etc just staying busy.


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