Ever met someone over the internet?

Have you ever met someone over the internet, that has turned into a relationship? How was it? And how did it happened?

I've been single for over a year now.. So I made an online dating profile.. And now I'm chatting with some guys, and with some I've started chatting with on MSN messenger.

If I ever were to meet any of these guys, I would only do it in a public place of course.


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  • Yep, I met my first girlfriend over the Internet, although through Bebo (which is a social networking site for those that don't know) and not an Internet dating site. She had left a comment on my best friends page, she caught my eye, I added her and we started talking about music, because our tastes were pretty similar. After a small while, I plucked up the courage to ask her out and we dated for 3 years. It was literally life changing, and amazing.

    I know of a few friends that have met some of their past and previous partners over the Internet, mostly via Facebook, and have gone on to have great relationships. So keep at it with the online dating, it will reap its reward eventually.


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  • Heh. I met my girl over Warhammer Online. We are now soulmates. I am hers forever.


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  • Never. I don't think I'm open to that, unless we had mutual friends. If they were a complete stranger, then I don't think so. I've re-met someone over the Internet... a really old friend. But never a complete stranger I'd never even heard of in my entire life.


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