I seduced my ex and now i'm confused?

Last night I got drunk and crawled into bed with my ex of one week. It was not planned and since the break up we have had minimal contact with each other.
We were together for 4 years and have lived with each other or 2 of those years (and still do). I broke up with him because he cheated. He continued to lie about it even after I noticed changes in his behavior and asked him to confess what's going on. I had to go through his phone to find the truth.
During the summer I broke up with him, not because of cheating but because of differences, but we got back together before the summer's end. I think during that time he started talking to other girls and when we got back together he continued contact with them instead of breaking it off.
Since the breakup he has not apologized to me for lying and cheating. He has been cold and distant... And giving a vibe as if he's angry with me. Almost like I'm the one who has wronged him in some way.
Anyway, what I'm confused about is how easily he let me seduce him. I got home close to 3am and he was fast asleep. I got into bed with him in only my bra and panties and snuggled next to him. He didn't hesitated to hug and hold me. I started to kiss his neck and from there we went for it. He was very passionate and eager through it.
At one point I started to cry because the betrayal is still fresh in my mind and I wasn't expecting to miss his touch so much.
Today, I got home from work and he immediately said hello to me and has seemed to be in higher spirits. I, on the other hand, am embarrassed and regretful of last night. I don't know if he thinks this means there's hope that we'll get back together and I don't even know if he is remorseful of the break up. I'm just very confused and don't know what to expect from this happening. Any input would be amazing right now. Thanks.


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  • So wow sounds like you have a mess... he prob doesthink you rekindled... good luck with everything... my only advice find somewhere else to live fast and don't sleep with him again

    • Seems so... Messy for sure now. We have already signed to terminate the lease to our apartment but still have to work out some kinks. But let me ask you this, how do you think last night will affect him? If it were you would you act like it didn't happen or be hurt by it?

    • Ummm depends on my feelings towards you him acting cold toward you may have been a front so it's hard to say

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  • you would ignore him then he will relize your value


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  • The only thing on my mind is that he could possibly still have feelings for you but he isn't ready for a relationship. He's still at that young mindset of wanting as many girls as possible.

    I'd suggest just moving out as soon as possible. Although feelings are still there, the romance has ended and it cannot be rekindled.


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