I can't let you go?

you think i'm tough and strong?
absence makes a hole from the inside and kills you slowly
and the night and it's darkness is like a heavy mass lying on my chest
i'm sure you think i'm happy now
doing all the things i like to do and having fun
but actually everytime i hear your name or i remember your words
i can't help myself to cry from how much i'm missing you from the inside
i can't live, i can't laugh
life with you is a life i don't want to live in
i try to escape all that by sleeping
so i sleep but here you are, again
showing up in my dreams...
i don't want sleep , i don't wanna dream
unless i feel you next to me
you take the pain i feel
i want you back... i despretly want you back...
i need you... god i need you so bad...
i never wanted to leave you.. never...
you forced me to do the hardest thing ever to leave you while i still love you...
every day i die a million times... million times...
i need you.. i love you...


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  • why do you need her?

    • because she became piece of me... and i feel incomplete without her..

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    • can you message me please

    • What if I was the girl your poem is about. Then what

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  • Edgar Allan Poe is quaking by your love poem.

  • Tell her this and she may be yours


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