Why am I upset when I’m the one who wanted to break up?

Two weeks ago, I broke up from a 4 year relationship. It was hard but my trustvfor him wasn’t really high and I needed time to figure out if we were meant. He claimed to be so in love with me but I told him that although I really loved him, I just think we need time apart.
Well, yesterday I found out that he’s in a relationship with one of his exes. I don’t understand how after a 4 year relationship, he can just jump into another one after 2 weeks. Mind you, we’ve talked a few times since then and he’s never told me that he moved on. But he made sure to tell me not to move on so quickly. To give it Time to figure out what I really want.
I’m confused. Am I wrong for being upset?


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  • Don't get upset it will not be of any use chill and move on find a new boy

  • You can do much better


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