How do you recover from acting like a psycho?

Thought my boyfriend was cheating. Asked him upfront about the girl and if he was cheating. He acted dumb. I pulled up pics and how he liked all of them and told him this is the girl I was talking about. He ignored me. Messaged him saying it's funny how you write her sweet messages and you can't even text back. He ignored me. I sent 1000s of messages telling him to give me my stuff back and how messed up it is to cheat on someone. Next day I come by his place and ask for my stuff. Ignored me. I knock on his door. He answers after the 6th knock and tells me to go home and slams the door. I knock again. His roommate comes out and tells me to chill out and he talks to me and tells me my boyfriend wasn't cheating. I believe it, but he could've told me that. I texted my boyfriend saying I'm done with all this crappy communication and to have a blessed life. Ignored me. I'm really annoyed and angry and I want to explode. How do I calm down and not act on my emotions? I want to grow up and stop acting like a kid and really learn how to deal with things in a mature way but I don't know how.


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  • Break up he ignored you so many times like wth is wrong with him? Can't he speak?

  • It was pure jealousy it seems like, never accuse and explode.

    Those gut feelings are crazy sometimes and they make a lot of us act if we can't handle it. I'd lose it if I thought my guy was cheating on me. It's just something we do.. We need to control it, it is hard... Since he ignored you, you're better off with someone else that is better than him. Some people just stink at communication and he needs to work on that. It wasn't fair of him to ignore you, even though you exploded on him, its possible he cheated and his roommate just told you that to shut you up


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