Do I officially end it or give him space?

My long distance boyfriend (he lives on the east coast of the US and I live on the west coast) and I have been involved with each other for 2 and a half years. He is 22 and I'm 19 and it's my first relationship ever. We went long distance last January and became an official couple in January this year.

Since August our communication has been bad and he doesn't care how hurt I've felt. He changed since he added some girl. He said she is just a friend he knew in high school. But earlier this week I told him it's a lie because I found stuff. He said they are friends which made me angrier. Why would he have to lie? Then he acted like I was overreacting and made me out to be crazy and in the wrong. We made up on Tuesday, or so I thought.

On Wednesday he ignored me all day then changed our relationship status to only where me and him see it. Then said he didn't want it to be like this but we've been drifting for a while and he needs to let me go. That he needs space and alone time from everyone. But he is still active on all social media so he lied when he said it's not me. How much more space can he get when we barely talked the last few months? But then he keeps telling me he loves me and cares but won't tell me if we are together still. He ignores me and has only sent 2 messages a day and this breakup has dragged on for 3 days. I'm just so exhausted and hurt because I love him but this isn't a healthy relationship. What do I do?
Do I officially end it or give him space?
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