What should I do with my relationship?

I had a girlfriend whose nature is very rude, all the time she shouted at me, no matter whatever the problem is. But when she calm down then she behaves very good, but most of the time she is rude. What should I do?


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  • Toxic relationship probably best to get out. I once dated a guy who all we did was fight and he's make me feel like everything was my fault even when he was the one to make whatever mistake or issue that caused the fight


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  • Come on, is this all you deserve and aspire to? You're only 23.
    You can choose to live with this disrespectful attitude but it leads to a fractured and compromised relationship where you end up not fully listening or believing anything she says.
    Save yourself a world of trouble and move on.


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  • I would have to agree with bloodyrevenge. From seeing your question, I saw that you had a girlfriend like that and if she was still your girlfriend, get out of that relationship because it is very toxic.

    • I know I should get out of this relationship , but I don't have much friends to hang out with or to talk with, this will bring me back towards my relationship

    • You are very welcome.

  • Break up

  • Based on how you look just accept it and go with it. You're lucky she does run away screaming. She must be half blind or something. My advice is put up with her shit, I don't think you can do better. I mean that is if she is even real.

    • Wait, are you saying that he should continue to be mistreated? No one should ever be mistreated in any way. He deserves someone who is kind, loyal, respectful and treats others the way they themselves want to be treated.

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  • Have you spoken to her about her attitude toward you? She doesn't have to hit you to be abusive. If she won't acknowledge that her behaviour is not acceptable, you should show some self-respect and leave her.


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