Snapchat stories when trying to get my ex back?

Me and my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years broke up last week (he broke up with me) we talked today for the first time just to clear the air on some things because it all happened so fast and I had a lot of unanswered questions.

Basically he said he needs space, which I understand because he just came to college and is struggling to figure out how to balance everything he is doing and is just having a really hard time. He said he is not sure if it’s permanent or just a break and that only time would tell. We are on good terms but I know if I want to get him back then I should give him exactly what he wants—space.

He doesn't have any social media other than a Snapchat which he normally doesn’t get on very much, but I’ve noticed lately (since the breakup) that he views my stories almost as soon as I post them. When we were together he would sometimes go a whole day without looking at them.

So my question is, if I want him to miss me and possibly get back with me, should I let him still look at my stories so that he can see what I’m doing? Or should I not post any or just block him from seeing them in the settings? Or would that just make it easier for him to forget about me? Which would make him miss me more?


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  • Just keep him on there. Blocking him makes it feel you want to move on. And he can see what your up to.


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