How do I get back the connection with my ex?

we broke up a while ago and kind of dated others, we had no contact at all until recently, I haven't fallen in love but she did and left them... the ironic thing is, she is the one that wants to talk to me and even when I try I don't seem to quite cut it and make her interested in what I say or tell, and she said I don't feel the connection like before because you (me) seem to be busy and have changed a lot or you could be still hating me (I really don't, I just kind of don't care)...

we used to talk a lot a long time ago and always were intense, what she said made me feel guilty, did I turn into a different person, or could it be her who have met lots of men and ruined it completely for both of us? (we aren't dating again) or could it be that what she did in the past have made me lose everything for her? if so, how do I reconstruct what's lost? I don't really like to down anyone down no matter what, so please, give me your suggestions.


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  • Maybe she just wanted to be friends,If you just don't care ignore her and don't give her any attention,why you waste time on wondering and thinking,not interested in talking to her and you don't care,then don't give a sh** about it.

    You just feel sorry then don't waste her time and yours.

    Gd luck.

    • Thanks for the answer, but of course like you said if I didn't care I wouldn't waste my time, but in this situation I think we love each other still and we have a ruined relationship, it's broken a long time ago and it was sudden for me and her, that's why I'm asking and wondering how to build things up all over again.

  • all I can say is getting back with my ex was one of the worst things I did, ended up going out 17 times and ye I regret all of them, the thing you really do need to remember and tell yourself is why did you break up, because trust me no-one changes however much they say they have, you will always feel protective over them I've found but getting back together always ends in tears sorry to say.

    • I know, but currently I'm taking it cool, I think the key to succeed is to act wise and cool and never "feel" anything :)

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