I want to break up but I am afraid that I will regret. What should I do?

First of all, we’ve been in relationship for one year. But the thing is i dont like when guys are partying too much, everyone knows that nothing good can happen in the clubs. My boyfriend spends all of his time in clubs. He has weird friends as well. So i tried to talk with him, in every way. He is saying that he has his life also and he can't be all the time with me, so he is going to clubs instead. He has no romatic ways of doing anything, in fact he doesn’t even know which is my fav flower film or song. I started having weird dreams about my ex who was a perfect match for me. Now i want to break aup but i am afraid. Afraid that i will feel bad and miss this relationship but I don't know why. So


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  • This is why people settle and end up with the wrong person and living unhappily ever after. Life isn't easy sometimes. No one wants to be alone, and being with him is probably still better than no body. Sometimes you have to ignore your heart and listen to your gut and brain. You know this guy is not right for you and someone else out there is going to be way better. Not only that, this is the perfect time of year to break up. If you wait any longer then you have to wait until after the holidays because only cruel people break up near Christmas. Then valentines day is right after that, and only cruel people break up before valentines day. So now is a good time to let him go.


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  • Many women associate identity and status by having a man. As though you are inferior if there is no man in your life. I was intimate with this chick this summer and she was sleeping with 4 of us and still pursuing everybody's man. She says that men think you can't perform sexually if you have no man. All I heard you say hon that he doesn't know anything favorite of yours. That's reprehensible! Is he a good lover? Are you?

  • Doesn't sound like there's much to miss.. never be afraid of loss, it will only trap you into situations that are not good for you. There will always be another guy in the future. in my opinion, you're not in a good relationship and should consider your own wants and needs

  • Do you trust him?

    • Yeah, but it irritates me that he spends more time with other rather than me

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    • I am afraid that i am making my ideal guy which doesn’t exist and will lose this guy

    • No you are not. Lets go for a walk. Plucks a flower from my head and gives it to you. Haha see but really. You seem like a humble person and what you asking isn't a lot. Its good

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