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Me an my ex of 15 years an I haven't been together in over going on 2 years... I've tried to talk to her she doesn't want to talk in the 2 year span we've had sex twice... I've offer to take her her out on dates she declined it... I asked her is she talking to anybody else she said no! But if she was she would tell me... We got a home together but I left before we moved in it... But now I want to b with her she ignores me about it... I'm wondering is it someone else in the picture she's not telling me about... We had sex 4 months ago... before t that time a year!!! I'm trying to figure out why she doesn't want to even talk about it... Friends of hers caught me out dating another woman... They told her she was mad af about it... Saying she couldn't or sleep that following week! Then gave me sex! But went right bak to being how she was (stubborn)... She doesn't even let me get our daughter like I want too... I'm open to all suggestions advice etc... I want to hear opinions on why she acting this way & is she really dating? An should I start!


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  • She doesn't know what she wants. Most likely she's seeing other guys but the behavior says she hasn't met anyone she likes more than you. Two years is a long time to wait. She seems like the jealous type, so if you were honest and said you are dating someone new that may force her to decide if she want to be with you or not.

    • Crazy you say that because I was thinking the same thing good looking bro!

    • You think I should tell her I'm dating?

    • That's one approach. If the goal is to get back together with this girl, you jave to do something to push her to make a decision.

      Aggressive approach would be to suggest you're dating someone else. Could back fire though.

      Passive approach is to show her all the reasons you were together to begin with and how this time will be better.

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