My girlfriend left me, because I acted badly, any chance to get her back?

so my girlfriend was complaining about her credit card debt, I offered to help her pay it off, but she refused to take my help. she sarcastically was describing her financial problems. I sent her this "Like I said to u, I am also struggling, I moved here In 2013 and I’m a student, i can help pay ur credit card and I would love to help U, And will love u unconditionally. But I’m not rich, I am still a student, if u love me for who I am good, but if u have unrealistic expectations from me then I sorry to disappoint you" she replied with "Why are you telling me things I already know
Have I ever expected anything from you.
? Have I ever asked you for money? Have I ever asked you to buy me expensive purses or jewlery or anything? Have I taken you to anywhere expensive to buy me a designer dress?, I haven't. Because I am not that materialistic and I will never put you in distress, Would I like to have those things yes I would but I am not expecting anything from you
So next time think before you say anything" after exchanging arguments back and forth I sent her this "So if u like to get those things, and u said yes, why don’t u fucking leave me? U know I’m a fucking student, u know I recently moved here, u r saying u r not materialistic but u seem very obsessed with material things, u like things more than u like a person. U know things doesn’t last forever but people who love us unconditionally does, but if u still prefer things over people then leave. There are many people looking for connections, there are many people who have material things but they don’t have someone to share with. One day u will succeed u will Get up the ladder u will be up there, however u will not find one person who loves u for who u r, and believe me it’s not gonna be a pleasant feelings when u find that out" and she left me right after that. please, go over it, I need guidance, is this whole thing my fault? her fault? is she a gold digger? should I keep pursuing her or should I move on?


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  • She sounds like she was venting, then got offended somehow & it sounds like she took your reply the wrong way when you nicely offered to help, your reply sounded a bit too angry, then her leaving was out of her anger.

    The whole thing sounds like a crazy huge miscommunication & over reactions from both sides.

    The best you can do is wait a couple hrs for her to cool off/calm down... Then apologize for calling her materialistic & the other stuff.

    Sometimes people reply with crazy things & think irrationally, and over react when they're stressed out, which sounds like she is because of her situation.

    Just give it time, things could have been worded better on both sides, it's not just your fault!

    • she sent me this, 1) you lied to me saying you were home when you were in a bad
      2) you lied that you hate alcohol yet you go out drinking
      3) you don't appreciate me by treating me right. All you do is argue , fight & drama
      4) you can't give me the life I want. Despite that I chose to be with you but you don't value me.

      I AM DONE WITH YOU! I AM MOVING ON. DON'T CONTACT ME AGAIN. PLEASE! Please respect my decision. I wish you success and happiness in life. I never had bad intentions toward you and never will. take care!!!

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    • On multiple occasion she told me that I can’t giove her the life she wants and that she doesn’t need a man in her life like that, that’s why I was suspicious that she is a digger. I have been super nice to her, bought her a laptop, bought flowed many times. And I am the one who is paying 99% of the time when we go out.

    • That's not cool.. I believe in reciprocating to show my affection & that I'm truly grateful for my boyfriend buying me things, I always buy him things that I think would look good on him, buy lunch & surprise him, etc. I HATE girls that sit there like a useless piece of shit & expect everything to be handed to them & do nothing in return! I think you're better without her & I also think you can find someone much nicer that will return the nice gestures & treat you as good as you treat her.

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  • This story is confusing.

    First she's in debt and you offer her to help.
    She said she doesn't want you to.

    Then she is a golddigger that wants your money and not your love?

    I don't understand this argument..

    • i felt that she was complaining because she thought im not good enough or rich enough to help her

    • It sounds like there has been a misunderstanding.
      She might have been a little annoyed , maybe you kept pushing to help her and accepting help could make her feel uncomfortable.

      It would for me, I don't like the feeling of 'owing someone money'. I'd rather know I paid it off myself.

      Maybe you picked it up the wrong way, in that case you could tell her that you're sorry and misinterpreted all this and didn't mean to overreact.

      I think that is all you can do and hope she'll take it and you back.

      She doesn't sound like a golddigger at all. Every girl would wish to have enough money to buy Chantal bags and Louboutins of course, but we're realistic too when that's too pricey for us, doesn't mean we still wish we could have it..

    • Chanel bags*

  • Yes you should’t reply that to her. She was just complaining about her situation, but she didn’t want your help. And then you replied to her like she was a gold digger. And she is clearly not one. You should apologize, I think.

  • It's not your fault.


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