My ex girlfriend started talking to me again?

So we've been broken up for close to 6 months now. She was the one that broke up with me. And we do see each other a lot because of the same social circle.

Anyways, long story short... lately she's been behaving a lot weirder than usual.

Last month prior to blocking her on all social media, she liked an instagram post and I missed a facetime video call at around midnight. I blocked her because she was making a female friend of mine very uncomfortable.

Anyways, lately she's been quite friendly to my friend. In addition, she has been staring at me quite a bit. What I also don't get is, she's initiating conversation as well.

Generally, she would tease me or make some stupid talk. Light talk. I would tease her back in return. I even flirted with her saying "she's no longer allowed to take photos of me topless."


Why is she talking to me again?


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  • She either got rejected, horny or she realized she messed up. Either way, for your own good, don’t. She threw you away once, she WILL again. You guys tried, didn’t work, move on.


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