Why would an ex randomly say he doesn't want to be friends anymore?

i've been friends with my ex for awhile...he still flirted a lot..he sometimes text random cute messages to me...we called each other any time of the day...then one day he said I don't think we should talk or see each other anymore...what would make him say that?...


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  • 1. It could be that he has found another girl who may not want him to contact you, because old sparks can light up a new flame!

    2. He could be feeling guilty if he's seeing someone else, he may think that it will hurt you seeing him in another girls arms and that you myt create problems

    3. Or it could be he still has feelings and love for you and he's afraid to tell you because things myt not go well or he knows that things never happen the same way twice so his escape for this is to not contact you at all... ask him! if this is the case - either giv him a lot of attention and cheer him up or move on and forget about him

    Hope this helped :-)

    • Thanks that did help...

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  • He probably is involved with someone else and now wants to move on. Flirting with you would only make his new interest angry, no?

  • i've thought about this for a while, and the only thing I can think of is that he has a girl who is jealous of how much he and you talk to each other. If that's not it, I can't thinkg of anything else, sorry.

    • He doesn't have a gf...but thanks

  • I was friends with one of my ex's for like 2 years and we talked and stuff and they started smoking, and I informed them that I thought they were a bad influence because they were a fat smoker and I didn't want my life to be a sh*thole like there's is probably gunna be


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