This guy tried to talk to me and get my attention but I was too shy?

He tries to get my attention then stops, then I guess he and i moved on, then he looks out for me for months, i hear he's wondering about who i date... then I tell him I like him then he tells me he doesn't like me, then he kept trying to get me jealous and I kept hearing how he likes me... then I reached out a year later but he just had a kid and he rejected my call and now he deleted his instagram where I can't talk to him now.. what can I do here? I need to talk to him.


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  • I mean, this sounds messy and like you have never moved on from this guy. Are you still saying you want to talk to him as in try to date him? I mean, the guy just had a kid with another woman; this already has to many messy strings attached. You also make it sound like you two dont even talk or know each other, and it's been a year or so? This doesn't sound healthy. Try to talk to some other guys, not ones that have stated they aren't interested, and especially have a kid.


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  • Move on. You missed your chance and he moved on. Sounds like he's busy being a father and getting on with life. You are never going to get that year of your life back, divvy waste any more time


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  • Oh he's just getting off on the fact that you're jealous and want him. He's being a jerk and just playing with your emotions because he thinks it's fun and gives him a good feeling. I don't know why it feels good, but to him it does. Don't talk to him unless it's purely business. Stay away from him.


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