How did you finally get over the "one who got away"?

I've met several women in my life and for the better or worse I've forgotten about all of them (including some bad experiences where I got screwed over). But there is one in particular from 3.5 years ago that I have struggled with from moving on from.

Long story short I met her at the wrong time in my life and sabotaged the relationship by not communicating my true feelings. If we met under different circumstances (like right now) I would have put a ring on it. But the timing was wrong. I also had something completely horrifying happen a few weeks after we split up and her response was "tough luck, you're an ex". She never reached out to reconcile or apologize after this happened. I finally forgave her in a well written email a few months ago.

Since then I've done several things to improve my life (new hobbies, improved career) and dated several other women including a 9-month relationship with a different woman. But I've yet to find the replacement.

Just curious, has anybody ever had a long-term "pining" experience for someone and how did you ultimately resolve it?


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  • Has she moved on?

    • Definitely and she's now in love with someone else. Despite almost an entire year of showing me off to her friends/family, bragging me up, saying "I love you" first and then over and over again, initiating sex 90% of the time, planning events and repeatedly telling me how lucky she was to find me she managed to move on really god damn quick.

      The thing is I was reluctant to reciprocate my feelings back to her at the time because I was scared she might end up doing exactly what she did (dump and forget about me). I actually told her this the day we broke up.

      You always hear women complain about guys not being emotionally "available" will this is exactly why. We have much more to lose when things go south. However those feelings are there, trust me.

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    • yeah I wonder why I just can't forget about her. Hate it.

    • Human nature is to remember the good and forget the bad and we all want what we can't have. What does your therapist say?

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    • lol. I did buy my first piece a year ago. Just a simple 38 revolver.

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