Boys, when you chose someone that you want to be your girlfriend, what is the primary motivating factor?

"this seems like a fun girl" ?

"she inspires me" ?

"she makes me feel good about myself" ?

If I combined all of your answers, I would give that *best answer*. Not that each isn't decent on its own, but I can't choose one from the pile. Thank you!


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  • Chemistry in general. Being able to stand each other for long periods of time helps as well.

    • Yeah I can see that. If you can't stand each other, you probably only hang out a couple times a week. Not much of a relationship!

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    • Lucky you. I haven't even been in a year-long relationship, but I'm not sure I want to yet. It just seems like a huge commitment.

      So you're saying if you know you like a girl right off the bat, you won't push her physically?

    • Yes, though I would honestly never push a girl sexually anyways. I think it's just a bad thing to do, she'll do what she wants to do when she's ready; I don't mind waiting as long as I get to abuse the privileges with her that I DO have until that time.

      And ya, long relationships can be major commitments. I don't think it's all bad though, you just have to realize that the little things that annoy you only get amplified with time and know that going into it.

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  • neither of those. for me its does she make me happy. the answere is yes. see my question for help please

  • it depends on age and what your looking for. I'm look for innocence in a girl

  • getting out of the house on Friday and Saturday nights

  • she makes me feel good

  • When I can be comfortable enough with her to say stupid/random/pervy/sometimes gross things. lol If I can do this and she doesn't mind or even better engages and returns with stupid/random/pervy/sometimes gross things, I want this girl to be my girlfriend. lol


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