Would you question your past relationship with your ex if he/she dated someone new 2 days after you broke up?

Get this. HE BROKE UP WITH ME. He's the one who approached me saying that he isn't into me anymore and that we're "too different." So we broke up and I started dating someone else. Now he's all in my text messages saying, "You're fucked up." I was just like, huh? Then he goes on to say that I was probably talking to other guys while I was with him and that there is no way we got together that fast and I was most likely cheating on him which isn't true.
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  • I would depending on the lenght of that relationship and how deep and significant was the connection between me and my ex. If what you did was done to me, I'd question everything, yes. It's only normal and I'm only human. It's really disrespectful if it was, for example, the most serious and long relationship you both had so far. And this has happened to me. It's just really damaging. Oh well, everyone gotta do what they gotta do, I guess.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I definitely would. Depending on how long. I would have reacted like he did


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What Guys Said 1

  • So, how did you get a new boyfriend 2 days after you broke up with the previous one?


What Girls Said 1

  • Past is past. I wouldn't question anything.


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