How did you move on?

I was with a girl for a long time and at some point I probably wasn't providing the spark that was there in the early part of the relationship because this girl decided that it would be best to part ways. This was 4 months ago now, all round I'm fine about it mostly and I do miss her and so on, but I have an extremely lonely feeling the whole time, I feel empty regardless of who I Am with. I think about her a lot and it just makes my day worse and worse. It was suggested to me to take up a new hobby or get more active so I have started going for runs, I find them worse because it gives me the freedom to think while I'm out and I think about her. What do I need to do to move on, the feeling of loneliness is driving me towards depression.


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  • Are you still in love with her? Can you get her back?

    • Getting back together is not an option, she has moved overseas. I still love her and that I assume is the reason for this enormous feeling of loneliness.

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    • Drinking doesn't help, especially if it comes so easily. You are right that not having control over the situation and it not being your choice is the greatest factor. However, noting that you still talk to her regularly, you do have the option to say the final goodbye to her, that would be a major step in the right direction.

      Emotional wounds are just like physical ones, they take time and care to heal properly. Doing things that keep the wound open will prolong the time it takes to heal.

    • The last point you made is definitely great advice, I'm not sure I could do that because I want to remain in contact and still be friends. Thanks for the advice.

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