What do you do when you miss your ex?

It's been months since we stopped speaking but occasionally I still get really intense feelings of missing my ex. It did not end on good terms and I know we had little long term potential but it's hard because he was a good friend until it ended. Added to insult is the fact that he occasionally drunk texts me saying he wants to be friends but never talks to me about it/ at all sober. It's hard because everytime I get these feelings I go through the whole mourning process again and end up just sulking for a few days.

I would like recommendations of what I can do to get out of these funks. I know they will only last for a few days at a time and they only happen occasionally but it's emotionally draining and I feel like its a step backwards. Do you have any tricks that you do when you start to miss someone you shouldn't care about anymore?
What do you do when you miss your ex?
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