I broke up with him but I don't really want to be broken up?

I broke up with him a few days ago because we got into a fight. I was having a really bad week and was crying to him and he told me I was fine. Then a few days later and he was trying to act like everything was fine. I told him I wasn't going to forget my feelings because I'm still upset and want to talk about it. He didn't want to talk about it and it got me really mad and I broke up with him... previous to the break up I'd always felt like I wasn't getting enough support from him. Like I was always giving and barely receiving. I had a party a few days ago and invited him and he was trying to be affectionate again. Acting like we hadn't broke up. I told him no and that I was still mad. But I'm confused because he would act like we were fine and now he's not messaging me or anything, and if I message him asking to meet up and talk he's barely responsive. I don't want to break up officially but I can't stay in a relationship where things don't change. He's not big on communication and I am. I'm in a constant battle with myself If I'm asking for to much, or not he's not giving enough. I don't know what to do


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  • Decide whether he's right for you or not. Sounds like right now you're basically just playing with his feelings, yes-no-yes-no-maybe-no. If he's not that talkative or open about emotions, that's not likely to change, and expecting him to is just gonna drive both of you up a wall.

  • He doesn't seem interested in a relationship with you. I know breaking up for good may seem hard, but trust me don't waste your time for a relationship with a guy who doesn't communicate and is not interested. Being with someone who does care and communicate can be actually pleasant!


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