I love you too?

Its funny how we are so far apart but I feel you in my heart.

I don't think i'll ever forget you. Ever..

Tell me something. Is there a reason why you let me go.. why did you let me go?

I was hoping you'd just show up and never let me go.

Things are well over here but i still think of you everyday, I'll never forget you

Maybe if you show up I might ask you something. Something that might change our lives forever

Do you think of the future? Am I in it? you're in mine. lets plan it.

But who am I kidding. you'll probably never see this. if you do just know.. I love you too and I hope you know everything you are feeling I feel too. we are connected spiritually and one day we'll meet again. I wish you the best. I wish you happiness. Take good care of yourself. If something ever happened to you i'd lose it. Take care.

-broken hearted
I love you too?
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