How do you end a relationship in the nicest way possible?

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  • There is no nice way. There's only the right way. 1st you tell her in person, not over the phone, not via email, not written on a schrunched up gum wrapper. Only to her face. Explain to her very simply why you want out as long as it's not hurtful.

    If for example you want out because you aren't attracted to her rather don't say that. Just say you are no longer happy in the relationship, it's nobodies fault, you just don't want it anymore. She will probably accuse you of anything under the sun, she will cry, beg and plead. Just stick to your guns, don't be cruel and be patient. Expect to spend a good deal of time covering this, especially if you live together.

    When she starts going in circles etc or starts getting mad with you stand up for yourself but just don't be mean. Tell her at the end of the day you are sorry but you have made up your mind. Pray that it doesn't turn into a case of her phoning you and leaving 10 messages and 20 missed calls per day. That gets really stressful and it's hard to be nice. Ugh I have terrible flash backs. I explained and talked and went over everything 10 times. Eventually I ignored her, then it got worse. Then I asked her if she wanted me to regret everything we ever had together. Because I didn't but the way she acted was making me wonder what I was ever thinking. I also told her that it destroyed any chance of us being friends in future. Anywho she cried and appologised and I said it was OK but it's time to let go and that was that.

    Anyways whatever you do, don't give her any sort of hope or idea that you guys will get back together. You have to be cruel to be kind because the longer you keep talking to her and being nice to her, the longer it will take her to get over you, the longer she will be depressed and the longer you will be stressed out. Be fair to her and let her go, even if she doesn't realize it's for her own good.

    Sorry that you are going through this, even if you feel OK with the decision now it's going to feel very sh*tty when she starts with the waterworks.


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  • Ummm, how about by telling the truth?! It may be hard, but damn, you may be the first guy that actually does it if you take my advice! What the frick is so hard about telling the truth? She is going to be hurt no matter what, but at least your conscience will be free and clear of any guilt. You may feel bad, but you won't for long.

  • I just don't need boyfiend/girlfriend right now. I just need someone to cuddle with and if you dont' just want to do that then you should go and look for someone else.

    -something like that

    or try... we just have way too many differences... you like to golf and surf and I like to go read a book and watch a low key romantic comedy... I know that we aren't going to be a good match since you do stuff I never want to do and I do stuff you don't 'like to do...

    -hope that helps.


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  • The other guy was 1000% correct with what he said. End it quick, squash any hopes of getting back together, just try to not be too mean about it, but to be honest, sometimes that's what it takes. Trying to be friends is great and noble, but it just never worked for me. It's going to suck for both of you, just hang in there.


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