What is my ex boyfriend's deal?

My ex-boyfriend broke up with me a year and a half ago! I know he has not been able to hold a steady relationship since him and I broke up. I my self had a lot of failed attempts on started a long lasting relationship. However my ex does call me from time to time. He even stop to visit me when he was in town.

I do believe he wanted to get back together. He told me how me misses me. Now I am in an amazing relationship and I could not be happier. I remember I up a status update, I am an amazing right! I remember he commented asking what was so amazing about it, when I told him the reason why, he said he had to go.

Another time I had something else up. I do not remember what it was, but I do remember I said I have a boyfriend and my ex sated my profile says single. Now he has blocked me from face book. I know he did that once before, then a few months later he calls me just to keep me updated. It also seems when I was single he would find reasons to call me. I really am happy in this relationship, I think he might realize that.


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  • Your ex boyfriends deal is - he's a wimp that he cannot move on and find a new girl. So he has to backtrack and look you up in an attempt to get laid.

    His fault isn't it? He broke it off with you, and now misses your attention, company, whatever you provided to him.

    Now his jealousy kicked in full gear since you're in a good relationship. While he has no one. Probably of best interest to not add him back to FB because he has a problem in keeping a friendship with you going. He wants you back more than just friends. He can't get over it.


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  • Clearly he still has feelings for you and now seeing you in a relationship with another man is hurting him. He blocked you on Facebook because it is easier to just not see you online rather than have to hear how happy another guy is making you. I bet he also doesn't want to be waiting around for you to break up so he can get you on the rebound.


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  • And let me add this too. Why you haven't added anything talking about your new boyfriend if you were so happy? and did have feelings for this kid?

  • it sounds to me that you still have feelings for your ex and you want him back.

    • I agree...she says she is happy yet she's wondering why he's doing what he's doing...if she didn't care she wouldn't care what the heck he's doing...

      dont let this affect your relationship wtith your new man...although you need to know if you really do love your new relationship or if you can't let go of the past - either way someone will be hurt

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    • Umm, no. I never said you were in love. You need to reread what you wrote for the question. Because anyone who reads knows that you still have something more for this kid. You can care for someone and be on good terms with people. But what your asking in your question saids basically what's his deal? or whatever and your whole paragraph is talking about how he does this and that. You are too concern with what he is doing because you still like him. DUUUHHH?

    • Well I am not going to aruge with you. I just didn't understand why he will block them then a few months later call me! its been happen a lot with him.

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