How did you tell them you were moving on?

When enough was enough, not in a relationship, but when you've waited for them or when your feelings weren't reciprocated but you still had hope they'd come did you finally tell them that you were done and moving on or did you say anything at all?

Stories please.


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  • Just flat out tell him/her. It's that easy.


What Girls Said 1

  • some people find it hard to break up with someone and I completely understand. I tried breaking up with my boyfriend who should have been easy to break up with because it was long distance but he refuse to let us take a break... plus we were in a relationship on facebook and it was kind of public... so... I couldn't break it off with him.

    It was easy for his ex to break it off with him though. She couldnt' just tell him to move out because he's super stubborn and even if she treated him like crap (like a dog) he refused to let her go. So what she did was she started sleeping with another guy or two (maybe more...) and he found out because one of his friends saw her with other men at a hotel... and his friend told him. She didn't deny it... he tried staying with her that way for another 3-9 months and she didn't stop and flaunted the fact so... they argued and the argument got big I guess... and finally he left her? but yeah... then he never dated again... but that helps some guys get over the girl. I couldn't do that... so I didn't cheat on him. My sister also did that with her fiance... she cheated on him with another guy for a while... until he got fed up with it and she finally left him. Yeah... cheating sucks to the one being cheated on but that seemed to work in both situations. I would just try to cut ties... like write them one last letter on facebook and say... sorry but we aren't good together... then block them on facebook/myspace/cell phone etc. good luck


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