How do you stop carrying a torch for someone?

I'm not just looking for straight answers; I also want to see what some of the differences are between guys and gals who can't seem to let if go.

I struggled with it for the longest time, and I hope maybe this help some people.


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  • Depends on how strong the feelings are. If you have a crush or are infatuated, you can get over it with a new crush. If it’s love... then damn. I mean, love can take a lot of time to heal from. Either way, time and distance heal all wounds.
    For me, I had to remind myself of all the negatives about the person. It’s easy to romanticize how they were instead of being honest. It’s much easier to blame yourself for the past too. So just try and be objective, write a list of pros/cons too, if it helps. Find a new hobby or activity to do. And definitely stop listening to sad songs that remind you of them! It sucks

    • It was love, and yeah, it's been hurting for a while. I've learned a bunch of valuable lessons along the way though, so hopefully if any of my friends go through the same thing I'll be able to help.

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  • If you know it's never going to happen, delete this person from your life completely. Its hard but its the best way


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  • You don't. You can't just stop caring about someone, that's not how it works. What happens is, you find someone else and you grow feelings for them and realize that what you have now is better for you than what you had before. It takes time but eventually you move on. You still love that person though, you always will on some level

  • Maybe write all your feelings about them till you have nothing left to say


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