I should just forget about everything and him. Right?

We have been friends for a year now. When we started to talk he will walk by and nudge my arm, smile and make eye contact. Than we started to talk know each other. He knows I have depression and anxiety, and when he will see me in such state he will offer me a hug or just hug me. He will always ask if I had my umbrella with me when it look cloudy, he will always tell me to wear something thicker when the temp will go lower. If a strange guy will try to talk too me he will get in the way. If I say somewhere different and further from him, he will questioned me why I’m sitting there or why I’m avoiding him.

But something happened a week or two ago. We started to chat, one night and he started to act or chat weird. He started to send me pics and videos of him. He kept telling me how he had always wanted to fuck me, and nothing more. That he never told me that because I will get attached to him. That he does care for me but as a person, and that he didn’t want to see me unhappy. I asked him if he was sober or drunk and e said sober. I played along and I sent him a video back. We agreed too meet up the next day to have sex.

Well a few hours before that time came, he texted me. Apologizing of what had happened that night. That he had a good buzzed but wasn’t drunk. He said that it shouldn’t had happened and that we should forget about it. That he should held me build me up and not be a source of my sin. That he is better than that and that he shouldn’t have put be in such position.

He doesn’t usually text back, but o sent him a text that is important too me. He never replied. I also deleted him from my fb. He knows I care for him and that o like him way before the sexting/sex chat happened.


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