Was I wrong to break up with my girl because I attempted suicide?

Long story I will try and shorten... everything going brilliant between us until I attempted suicide, I told her about it and then we had problems, everything escalated from there. She kept saying she was trying to help and how she loved me but she kept pushing me away and everything she said made me feel worse. I broke up with her less than a week ago, and as much as I still love her and miss her, i genuinely feel better in myself. Has anyone else experienced something similar?


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  • Well, probably not wrong. Honestly, you can't expect your every day person off the street to know and understand how to help someone that is suicidal. That is a lot to put on someone. Sounds like you both might be better off.


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  • Without knowing all of the specifics about you situation, it is difficult to judge. If you feel good about the breakup afterward, you probably made the right decision. Obviously you are dealing with some serious issues right now. Some people can not handle being in a relationship while they figure out how to be in a healthy state of mind.


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  • I don't think you were wrong. Frankly, I think what you did was selfless because despite you loving her, I guess you didn't want to put her through your struggles.

  • Yes you were

    • The night I broke up with her she was hitting me in the face, throwing shit at me, shouting abuse at me... after she knew what I went through is that not out of order?

    • It is actually, if you had said that earlier I wouldn't have answered that way.

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