I hate thinking about my ex just because the sex was good, it almost makes me forget why I broke up, how do you people get over it?

Well I'm talking to someone and I've been with someone new but I hate thinking back how my ex made me feel in bed. She has been I believe the best I had so far and it sucks because she was very good in oral (mainly what I think) and in general. The person I'm with can't do as much but I hate how it's almost like the bad reasons and bad memories are blocked out until I realize why I broke up with them. The sex was all great and dandy but there were problems there after it. I really dislike that I think about it because it was really good and think that maybe there could have been a chance but realize everything she did to me and she didn't do to me. I am forced to see her in university a few times but other than that I try to think of the negative things in the relationship. I've already cleared I won't get back together with her because of what she did and to add to it she said she loved me but now she "hates me". She was good in bed but I think it's time to get over it. What do you guys do about it? I've masturbated and it helps a lot, it helped to not contact or get in touch with her. I almost wanted to even try again because I was blinded by the sex until I did and quickly snapped to why I didn't want to try the relationship again. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.


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  • If you're running into girls who are less experienced than your ex, try "training" them to do what you like. There's nothing wrong with telling a girl you like certain things or asking her to try new things. As long as you're not criticizing her, most women are pretty receptive.


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